Jim has developed several shows designed to enhance the learning experience of school aged children. The NO- GO- TELL Drug Prevention show is specifically geared for elementary schools, it allows students to interact with Jim and each other during the show to bring home the message of the benefits of a drug free life.
“ LET’S TALK” is an interactive show developed for middle schools. It uses magic to drive home the message of how drug use leads to poor decision making and can cause problems that may effect them for the rest of there lives.

“ CHARACTER COUNTS” is a show that drives home the importance of the six pillars of good character. Trustworthiness, Respect, Fairness, Responsibility, Caring and Citizenship are those keys to success.

If you are looking for someone to bring fun to your event during a cocktail hour or have a special need for entertainment in a hospitality suite, strolling magic may be your answer. Jim performs close up magic that is filled with a lot of comedy and fun for all.

Maybe your company is looking to promote a product, motivate your staff or bring home a message to clients about your company. Trade shows, conferences and seminars are all venues that can benefit from the use of magic and Jim can bring ideas to all of these events.
Jim’s stand up and comedy magic shows are perfect for any event. There is a lot of audience participation and fun for all. If you need entertainment for banquets or staff party’s Jim has the answer for your needs.


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